My Nerdiness

I've got serious street cred as a nerd.  Don't believe me?  Ha!  How many people you know have invented their own functional harmony card game, crafted functional music typography for music educators, designed the world's only full-featured wind and brass fingering fonts for other music nerds, designed a conceptually deep and rewarding ultra-nerd tshirt featuring a tritone substitution, designs his own music typography for use in scores (all that type is mine, baby) and unabashedly display desktop wallpaper featuring Super Paper Mario while in meetings with high-level University officials?  Wait, it gets better.  I also programmed an arcane but useful calculator for other nerds so that they can figure out how to write changes of tempo that nobody but them can figure out. And remember that tritone substitution tshirt? I commissioned a custom cake to be made in its honor.

Yes. I are's nerd.

Design by Kate Lee with a smidgen of Hdez thrown in for good measure.