Rogues Gallery

I've taught lots of students over my grad and pro years. So, why not pay homage to these assorted miscreants?!

I've very fond memories of Jessica.  Travels to the dead of Fresno to hear new music, stubborn glances towards my direction that were quite difficult to deflect and a level of dedication to helping new music at CSU East Bay take off that is to be admired.  She now is a student at New England Conservatory.  I'd love to link to her webpage.  But, she's a luddite who hasn't gotten it together yet with regards to that.  You can find her on Facebook, however.

One word can be used to sum up Nick: Epic.  The man truly has a sense of what is just big and bad and what is epic.  Our time was brief, but we well spent.  Nick is now a doctoral student at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Noah went on to get his masters degree from San Francisco conservatory.  As well, he now has a great small printing shop that specializes in score production (I highly recommend it; the quality of the work is tops).

Design by Kate Lee with a smidgen of Hdez thrown in for good measure.